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Against All Enemies

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Against All Enemies -
       Inside America's War on Terror

By Richard A. Clarke
Published by Free Press (2004)


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Richard Clarke was the White House National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism on the National Security Council for both the Clinton and Bush administrations.  He provides a history of the counter-terrorism effort under the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the second Bush administrations.  His damning account of how the second Bush administration ignored the warnings of terrorist specialists in the beginning of his administration and during the final months preceding 9/11 are astounding.

He has strong criticism of the Bush administration as it focused almost immediately on Iraq as the enemy in the days after 9/11. This, despite the fact that it was Afghanistan that harbored the masterminds of the operation and that the vast majority of the Arabs on the planes that awful day were from Saudi Arabia and not Iraq.  In addition, he aptly points out that our justification for going to Iraq was to search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and because of Iraqi ties to al Qaeda - which we now know - there were none to speak of in either instance.

This book was a New York Times bestseller.