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The Charity

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The Charity
By Connie Johnson Hambley
Published by Charylar Press (September 11, 2012)

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Jessica Wyeth is too young and unaware to understand why she is not welcomed into the lucrative family business of training and racing horses. When she is falsely accused of the brutal murder of the last person who could protect her, she runs.

Jessica becomes a master at hiding in plain view, but the process of rebuilding her life is derailed when she is recognized by the organization that destroyed her family.

Her search for the truth draws her into the cold reality of a network of terrorist cells. Set in the rolling hills of Kentucky and the streets of Boston, The Charity: One Girl's Journey into the Heart of Terrorism exposes that Jessica is not the only one hidden in the daylight.

Connie Johnson Hambley uses her background as a former lawyer and Boston banker to create realistic legal thrillers. She is a published journalist who is known for meticulous research in bringing her stories and characters to life.