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"The Hunt for Bin Laden:
Task Force Dagger"

The Hunt for Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger
By Robin Moore
Published by Random House, New York


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The book "The Hunt for Bin Laden: Task Force Dagger" was wrote by the famous author Robin Moore.  He was the author of several well circulated books that later became movies to include "The Green Berets" and "The French Connection".

This book was wrote by Robin Moore late in his career.  Earlier, Robin had been the only civilian to attend the demanding Special Forces Qualification Course and then spend several months in Vietnam with Special Forces.  He later would continue to write about and be a benefactor of Special Forces.  This, however, is a book with some factual errors; and Robin was duped by a man who fabricated some minor parts of the book.

The book is still a good read and provides some factual background of the initial invasion of Afghanistan that was accomplished by small teams of the CIA and less than 200 Green Berets. There are many parts of the book that ring true.  If you are a student of the war in Afghanistan then it is worth buying and reading.

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