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Kabul in Winter  by Ann Jones

Kabul in Winter: Life without peace in Afghanistan
By Ann Jones
Published by Metropolitan Books (2006)


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Ann Jones has wrote a revealing book of society in post-Taliban Afghanistan.  She went to Afghanistan shortly after the U.S. invasion of that country and remained for almost three years working as an aid worker.  Her focus in this book is on the plight of women on the streets, in hospitals, in prisons, in educational institutions, and in life in general.  She does not paint a pretty picture of the circumstance of Afghan women.

This view, of course, is from a person who is a women's rights advocate and member of the left-leaning establishment. There is no doubt where she lies in the political spectrum or her opinions of the Bush administration.  Interestingly, while a member of the NGO community herself, she describes how ineffective the overall aid effort is in Afghanistan.

A very interesting book that describes many elements of Afghan society in addition to the role of women in that poor, war-ridden country.